Monday, April 15, 2013

Online Car Donation For 2013 | Is Now The Best Time To Give To Charity?

Making an online car donation, truck donation, or Motor home donation to charity has developed into a common practice for many Americans. Over the past 30 years car donation has steadily grown in popularity most likely due to the ease of donation and year over year improvements in donation method and customer service.  Now in 2013 Car owners can give back more to charity than ever before through car, truck, RV and even boat donation with just a few minutes over the phone with most charitable online car donation groups.  In return donors are now processing more than 1 billion dollars a year in charitable donations like car donations and truck donations to their favorite causes.

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 As 2013 moves forward and our economy struggles to find its feet online car donation may provide the outreach and support needed to help things become “normal” again. What do you think?
This year is forecast to be the largest on record for car donation, truck donation and RV donation to charity.  Maybe now is the time to realize federal tax savings for your junk car donation, or running car donation to charity! Have a question?  Leave a comment or give us a call anytime!  Toll free 1.888.228.7320 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Online Car Donation .org The Best way to Give to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Donate Truck Donate Car to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Looking for a way to give to charity groups like the Red Cross to support the Hurricane Sandy cleanup?  Did you know that you can make a car donation, boat donation, truck donation and even a motorcycle donation with We can even guarantee that all proceeds will be sent to the hurricane Sandy relief effort of your choice.  Give back to the over 2 million people directly affected by hurricane Sandy through vehicle donation with us 1.888.228.7320!  Call one of helpful volunteers to begin your donation or read on to learn how it all works.

When you give a car donation, truck donation, or any other type of vehicle donation to a charity like you are able to take command of the donation process! allows its donors... that’s you, to give directly to individuals, families and even whole community causes to aid in the hurricane Sandy relief effort.

Here’s How it Works:

Call an or click here and visit their website.  A volunteer will help you  plan out your donation and make the most out of your generous gift to charity.  Let your volunteer know that you wish to give directly to the relief efforts for hurricane Sandy or specify a charity and your car donation, truck donation or any vehicle donation is good to go directly to hurricane Sandy relief efforts! We will make sure of it!

Our Transport team will take care of the rest of your donation once you have made the initial appointment!  You’ll receive all paperwork including a 1098c and 8283 IRS tax forms plus an onsite contribution form at the day of pickup!  Don’t Wait weeks for cleanup! Simply Give a call and send your next car, truck, motorcycle or even boat directly to the relief efforts for hurricane Sandy!